Friday, August 15, 2008

Yarn Dreams

It could be a yarn shop. It could be a small, well-organized fiber warehouse. Or it could be the headboard of Jane's bed. Take a guess.

Our Jane, The Purl District yarn slave and incredi-knitter, lives for fiber -- and not in an All-Bran sort of way--which explains why, when she needs a respite from a hard day of being surrounded by skeins of wool, alpaca, and bamboo at the shop, goes home to this. Last thing she sees at night? Yarn. First thing she sees in the morning? You get the idea. Just in case you didn't feel that Jane is fully committed (and feel free to think of the word 'committed' as you like) to the fiber lifestyle, you should know that she is here in the shop right now -- on her day off!  Some people are crazy like that.


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