Friday, August 8, 2008

Deja Vue Web Page

You may have checked out our website lately and said, "Whoa, haven't I seen this before?" The answer is probably 'yes'. The page has been a little bit on hold since spring, and we bet you're gonna ask why. So we're gonna tell you. Tim, our webdude, is revamping the whole shebang.

When Tim's done, we're going to have a shopping cart, and while you can't ride it up and down the aisles like at Safeway (yes, you know you've done that), you can load it up with yarn and yarn and more yarn. Oooh, and you're going to want some of those buttons, and dang if you haven't misplaced your 24" and 40" size 8 Addi Turbos, so throw a couple of those in there. And before you finish clicking, there's a new book on needle felting you MUST have. Whew! You've done a full day's shopping and nobody needs to know you're still in your jammies.

The Purl District will also no longer be calendar-challenged. We'll have one for you to click on, so you can check on upcoming events. And never again will you have to sheepishly call to find out what time Gail's teaching that class-you-signed-up-for-but-can't-remember-when-you're-supposed-to-show-up-at. (It's okay, it happens to all of us.)

So the upshot is: keep visiting our site. We're sure it'll be worth the wait.

Oh, since you're going to be shopping in your pajamas, you'll need new slippers. What a coincidence -- Jane will be teaching a clogs class, beginning Tuesday, August 12th. As the picture shows, these are fabulous, so soft and cushy. Yep, you definitely are going to want these.

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