Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rachel is spool knitting!

This is Rachel with her knitting spool from Bryson. She is making an elasticized headband out of Cascade 220 pink of course.
Happy Thanksgivng to all..............make someone's day a good one.


Noni made this felted bag with Plymouth Boku color#10 all teal and burgundy colors very pretty and felted like a dream. The pattern is free with the purchase of yarn. Check out free patterns on the Plymouth website. The bag takes only 1 ball of yarn.
See ya,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Olivia and Rusty Bao Wow

Olivia is our youngest knitter in the Knitsters after School Klub on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm. She pays for the class herself by working in the store selling and organizing the yarn on Saturdays. She is 7 yrs old and a princess. Olivia is a natural retailer!
She is holding Rusty our new Shop Dog.He is wearing a Mission Falls doggy sweater with an Intarsia Zebra pattern. Come in and meet Rusty and see him model the coat. Rusty is a Chinese Crested,Powder Puff. He is a lover boy and kisses all customers!
See ya soon,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leslie Samson-Hat,French River,Elora

Leslie is an expert felter, designer.jeweler,German angora rabbit Maven. Ok, so what? Well, did you look at the picture above? That ,my friends, is needlefelted tapestry! You too can take a shot at making a hat with Leslie's classes in Silverton,Friday October 26th,9am-4pm.Tapestry class is on Sunday,October 28th,10 am-4pm.No experience required. Come to The Purl District and sign up and get your materials list. She is from Canada so this is a chance of a lifetime!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carrie and Hat

I had Carrie wear/model this hat. Looks cute huh? nice and soft. It's Crystal Palace Yarns,Poof,100% supersoft nylon.I crocheted the hat with 2 colors and crocheted a flower for the side. It's a cloche style hat of my design.It also has a Japanese bead in the center of the flower. It's a silk wrapped wooden bead.


Harvest Knit Night

This is a picture of our drop-in knitter,Joanna. It is the Harvest Knit Night September 14th,Octoberfest Friday. Also it's Joanna's Birthday and we had her fave cake, carrot cake. Joanna was working on knitting her socks and now she is knitting a wimple from our Claudia hand-dyed lace weight silk in color freesia. Our next Knit night is December 14th the second, Friday of the month. It's called The Knit Before Christmas from 6-10pm. We'll have a traditional turkey dinner and all the fixin's,door prizes every hour and a big big sale to complete your Christmas knitting and crocheting.All for only $20./ticket/person. Tickets will go on sale November 1st.

See ya soon,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Do you love buttons? We at the Purl District do and how. We've got the best selection around for knitter's and crocheter's. Bring in your sweater or project and match it up. Remember a button or buttons are the crowning touch and can make or break your beautiful bag or sweater.

Jessica Waters in our Party top!

This is a photo of Jess in the Crystal Palace "Party ribbon" top that Jane Robbins designed. It is soft and naturally elastic,has a bit of shine. We loved it on especially. Jessica is one of our new knitters gone wild.She goes to the UofO ,first year. tomorrow am. We will be missing her at the table knitting 25 Christmas stockings and a passle of felted animals for her petting zoo! We have several 20 somethings that are crazy knitters and we LOVE them for all their good energy and great ideas.


Kid's after school Knitsters

We have a group of kid's that come every Thursday after school from 3:30 til 4pm. We teach them to knit or work on their latest chosen project. so far we have India,Cayman,and Olivia. they are from 7yrs old to 10 yrs old. We LOVE having them come in and they seem to love knitting too.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More fun with HP

Guin and friend and Mom decked out to have fun at the Wolf building with HP.


Harry Potter release party

Attendee and winner of a prize all dressed up for the party!

Harry Potter release party

July 20th Midnight,we had a party to celebrate the 7th book and we also had Harrypotter sweaters and the book charmed full of HP designs to knit. Pictures of items coming soon. The party was a blast,we had over 35 people there and more the next morning picking up their books.


Brianna,our Knitty Intern

Brianna Baker,our intern for the Kid's Camp is modeling this Cotton/Acrylic fab top that Jane knit in Wildflower. It's a very versatile yarn and works up in lace like a dream. Very soft and comfortable. We found the pattern in Summer 07 Knitters Magazine. This is the small size in Orange. Wildflower comes in lots o' colors: lavender,purple,pink,baby blue,bright pink,red,and cream.So if you're a natural fiber girl you'll LOVE this top all year 'round.


kathy's odds and ends Lace Shawl

Kathy Holt spins and knits lace like a fool! A lovely knitting fool who makes the most beautiful shawls out of her handspun you'll ever want to see. she loves color and wouldn't think to make a single color anything. her ahndspuns are usually multi-colored and Zowie powie in texture and colors. Come in on a Tuesday am and you'll find her knitting away happily. She visits on Friday a.m.s occasionally for our "Yak and Spin" time from 10-Noon. "Yak and Spin" is Free and open to anyone who spindle or wheel spins just to commune with other spinners. Kathy's shawl pictured above is in the shop on display. We have lots of lace weight yarns and will be getting more in for fall August thru Sept.


Sis,Gabriella with friend Maranda

Knitting away! Must pass on the skills to the younger set or lose them. Studies show the younger they start knitting the longer they knit.It's a great life long skill for any human bean! Helps sooooooooooooo much with stress release and the fun of it and the challenge is great too.


July Kid's Camp-2007

Here they are the stars of Kid's Camp '07,Alexandria,Summer,Maranda and Sydney,Alex's sis,Gabriella came the day after the photo. They worked and played hard and had a blast. They learned to make decorated flip flops,spool knit animals,pom poms,and knit scarves. They had lunch in the park a couple days with our intern,Brianna. All in all the camp was a big success. We are having another one in August,6-10th for a new batch of knitters and sisters. Teachers are Gail and Celia.


Same Wedding Gown on really Different body!

Right! see how willing I am to make youall feel better about yourselves........... I tried on Jane Robbins wedding/temple gown to show you what a one size fits all really looks like! The gown is beautiful still, butt? Hope you enjoy yourselves. I know you're laughing.


Theresa Kelley does it again!

These are 2 cool felted bags by Theresa Kelley,a local crazy knitter who loves to knit prayer shawls for lucky people(like me!)Theresa designed the Celtic knot closure and we love it. she is an ambitious knitter and keeps the shop going singlehandedly!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Johanna Wright's Knitty Art

This is one of many knitty art paintings of johanna's. She is a fab artist and shows her artwork at The Purl District exclusively in Silverton. She also sells online at Etsy. Johanna does other subjects besides knitting but why would you want those? Come in and see her new paintings on August's First Friday in Silverton,6-9pm. We will carry her work all year 'round. Prices are within reach for all.$25 and $40.

See ya

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Be Sweet Sweater

Here is a picture of our recently completed sample of Be Sweet's Magic Cardigan. Marylou Andes knit it and said it was a fun project. She enjoyed choosing the yarns and using the Magic Balls to knit. We fudged on the materials a little and put in some odds an ends of matching yarns in our chosen colorway. The Magic Ball was the inspiration for the colors and fibers to start with for sure.We chose Tudor Rose for a fresh springy look.It is an Advanced Beginner pattern,one size fits most, NOT. It is a small,like size 6,8,10ish...............that not most if you ask me,well not in my Fab 50 world anyway! We have this yarn and the pattern at the shop.
Se ya soon,

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Report on Black Sheep Gathering


The BSG was successful for Gail on many levels. She sold her Angora roving and other fibers well. She added her hand-dyed angora sock yarn to her offerings. We will be carrying more of her angora yarns soon. They are being spun now as we speak at the NEW Silver Falls Spinnery with Cheryl and Lurene up on Quall Rd here in Silverton. We are very proud of them for opening a spinnery. It is so organized, clean and amazing yarns are coming out the other end. 2 great guys from North Carolina who built the spinning machine are here helping them get it all set up. The quality of the yarn is very nice,even,good twist,and there.


Felted ballssss........

Felted balls are silly and fun. We do that at TPD! Use them on bags or scarves as accents or button closures. They come from Be Sweet . We just ordered some beaded felted balls from Frabjous to add to the mix. We also make crazy cool silk shreds,felted balls,and bead necklaces/scarves. I'll show you soon when I get that photo taken.


Our Janey speed knitting.............

So this is Jane Robbins our Secret Knitting Weapon! She knits and designs samples and custom work for The Purl District. We love Jane's work and you will too. We'll show you more examples of her work as we go along. This picture was taken during our Bride's Knight our knitting event. She's multitasking!

Celia Bedelia

David's Lace Shawl

David Hall has been knitting 1 year now and is very proficient at knitting lace cuz he loves the challenge and the beauty. He has knit 3 lace items so far and this is the Christening Shawl for his first granddaughter.

Thanks for checking in with us...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Black Sheep Gathering

The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene starting tomorrow from 9-6pm at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene,Or. It goes on from Friday to Sunday with fleece,yarns,animals,spinners and lots to see,eat and do. Our own "Bunny Gail" Smith will be there with her German Angora Rabbit wool to sell in roving,sock yarn undyed,sock yarn,hand-dyed by The Purl District's own dyer,Jennifer Church.

The colors are amazing. There's a new kid's sweater design by The Purl's own Designer,Jane Robbins. It has pale lavenders and cloudy blues with mint green,a v-necked pullover,easy to knit and a joy to behold in all it's angora softness. Jane has also done a way cool,but yes,hot angora sock pattern.

So go see all the fun and then come and visit us again for more reports on how the Black Sheep Gathering went for Gail and her daughter Stacy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

"Knot So Plain Jane Designs" Wedding / Temple Dress

Another one of Jane's fabulous designs. It is a Wedding/Temple dress and it willl be our featured work in the window at the Purl iDistrict for June. The dress is made with Cascade's 220 wool in bright white. The model, Karen, is the owner of the dress. This is top of the line design work and knitting not to be outdone by any international designer...and it's our own Jane!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yo Yarnies,

Miranda is 8 today and we are partying down! Natalie her little sister,6, tells me to shhhhhhh a lot.
I am knitting on my First Cardigan. It has some boo boos that will soon be turning into design features! I will take a picture of all our First Cardigan class when I get home so you can see our progress.

We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean #3 this am at 10. It was Fab. You gotta see it.
I'm getting lots of ideas for the shop while my mind isn't cluttered with the everyday stuff. What would you think of a hand spa for knitters?

Talk later........
Celia Bedelia

Monday, May 21, 2007


Hello all,

I'll be traveling to Ohio for my granddaughter,Miranda's, 8th birthday and then moving on from Cincinnati to Columbus for the TNNA convention to buy you all fabulous yarns and stuff. Lynn, Gail, Peter,Marilyn will be in the shop to help you. Don't forget to get your tickets for the Bride's Knight out. We are going to have a Blast!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Celia's Mom,Donna

This is my mom who came to visit The Purl today for the First time! She is 80 this weekend and it's Mother's Day.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Spinning "Knot So Plain Jane Designs" Skirt

She is Hannah a 14 year old giraffe child........ I (Celia) just caught her in between basketball,volleyball, and track to take a picture of this amazing Vogue pattern knit in Royal Bamboo,coral color. Hannah loves to spin in it cuz it is soooooo swirly with just the right weight. It was knit by The Purl District's, Secret Knitting Weapon,Jane Robbins of Knot So Plain Jane Designs.The skirt has like 660 stitches around the bottom rows. If you don't stab yourself in the eye before it's done you'll have a fab skirt.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Welcome to The Purl District and our hometown, Silverton, Oregon!

We hope to see you and help you to explore both the shop and the city. Come for breakfast, shop, play in the creek with your dog, or even visit the Oregon Garden. There are lots of activities to do and things to see.

Eat lunch, relax and unwind at The Purl District, buy a book upstairs at Not Your Mamas Coffee, and hang out with us and knit or crochet. The Purl has yarns you've never seen before let alone touched, from the exotic to the sublime!

We have stainless steel, bamboo, corn, soy, linen paper, tencel, local angora, local alpaca, South African beaded mohair, our own line of hand-dyed linen, wool, silk, cotton and novelties. We'd like to be your treasure spot, the place you run away to!

Be sure to check out our website!

See ya soon.

Celia Bedelia, Bunny Gail, and LynnBob