Saturday, October 10, 2009

A big thx to all the Friends of The Purl

You guys saved my everloving knitting and crocheting butt if ya wanna know. I was on the very eve of destruction as the song goes. Now to keep us going and stayin alive stayin alive you must keep coming in and take a class or teach a class and buying yarn to keep the Purl here in Silverton. That's the only way it works for us to have the kind of shops we want and need in our lives. Homegrown, surviving and thriving that's us.

News from the Purl!


It's fall and the knitters are running rampant. TK and her gang have come up with another winner. Check out the naked for the free cupcake hat pattern. It's a girly girl kid hat. Anyone make it for adults? We made it out of Plymouth's Cleckheaton pink DK AND CREAM PUNTA LAVA AND some fluffy Fizz from Crystal Palace. Use brown for chocolate and how about beading the top with bugle beads for sprinkles. A Cherry is a red felted ball...Beyond cuteness. I'll put a pic up soon.

Celia Bedelia