Friday, December 31, 2010

Amsterdam Zuiderkerk-5" of snow!

Remember Sara who was a volunteer at the Purl? She is in Amsterdam going to school for her Masters with her Boyfriend.They are coming home to USA, well right now, and will be in the shop in January. Check out your emails for exact time or look at the class schedule calender on The Purl site. Isn't this a beauty of a picture? Sara is busy with school mostly but is involved in a knitting group with a lot of famous knitters . Their names escape me right now! Evidently they are VERY serious about what they do. Well, you won't find that at The Purl. We're serious about knitting but not about ourselves. We do have fun! Stop in and unwind. Don't forget the Super Bowl Sunday Sale and Frolic. Toodles,Celia

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shawl knit in cotton/elastic

Cute isn't she? Her father is a photographer and she models for him often! Oh no I forgot her name........If you read this call me or email.So sorry. The shawl is all stockinette stitch with 3 buttons and 1 buttonhole so you can button it asymmetric if you want. Come in and I'll give you my pattern. It's also for sale in our mini knit boutique,instore! We'll have things for sale all year around from now on.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lucy in her self knit hat with Diamonds!

This is Lucy,Tk's granddaughter. She is 5,yep 5. She knits and she made this hat! It is done with 1 ball of Encore by Plymouth Yarn. We Love it at The Purl District. We give the pattern away FREE with the purchase of 1 stinkin' ball of Encore and the needles,sz15/16"circs. Get busy knittin'! It's almost Christmas you know. We have a special on giftcards at the shop to help you.
See ya soon,Celia

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi all, I know that many of you insisted before I left Silverton that I keep you updated on my time here in Amsterdam. Well, a couple weeks into the whole thing life has settled down enough that I have time to write a little something. I have many ideas for posts in my head, and hopefully with school and all, I'll be able to have time to write you some sweet nothings.

Many of my friends describe having an internal force screaming to them that they want children. While babies are cute and all, I really get this longing in my ovaries over houses. All I want to do is nest. The thoughts of picking out new bedding, painting walls and rearranging furniture fills my heart with joy. Thus, I was excited for my move to Amsterdam to have a whole new place to set up and decorate. However, when I got here I was greeted with a boxy room, an extremely restrictive rental contract (No tape on the walls!) and an extremely limited budget. This means other than borrowed items all I've bought are groceries, a candle and two plants. While my roommate and I contemplate ways to make our space less institutional, I've been escaping on to home decorating blogs (my favorite is Re-Nest the eco friendly site of Apartment Therapy).

Whilst browsing and escaping into beautifully decorated spaces online , I came across these chairs. I'm pretty sure the chairs are wet felted by the pictures, a technique that you'll have to ask Celia all about. No matter which method they were felted with, it just made my desire to needle felt all that much more. Sadly, when I moved I had to leave all my needle felting behind at the shop, and so far my search for new supplies has been fruitless. Now as some of you may know I've recently gotten into needle felting, perhaps I've even converted you to needle felting. There are so many wonderful things about needle felting it would be hard to extoll them all. My favorites are the speed and ease it takes to learn, the wide range of things you can do with it, and of course, the stress relieving quality of stabbing something over and over again. So I want to know what you've been working on, what inspiration has struck you in recent days? Have you picked up needle felting and fallen as in love with it as I have? Drop us a line, pop into the shop and tell us a story about what's happening in your fiber life. In the meantime I'm going to follow up on a rumor I heard about a yarn lady at the local farmer's market...
Lots of Love,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jellyfish Crocheted

Come in anytime and we'll make a jelly or 2 or 9! You just have to know how to crochet. This is for someone who already crochets. Beginning crochet is a different class.
Use any variegated yarn for a colorful jelly or pale watery colors for a differnet kind of jelly.We have examples in the shop window. Free Jelly class with purchase of yarn.

Celia Bedelia

Lisa Jorgensen in the window at The Purl District

Mama Lisa,knitting for your enjoyment! She even has a bun! We are promoting knitting of any kind not just ole lady knitting like Lisa. She did knitting theater all First Friday.
Celia Bedelia

Tigerlily new kitty at TPD

Cayman,grandson, and new Tigerlily kitty at The Purl District. She's in and out because right now she's more tiger than lily. Lisa Jorgensen brought her in the shop and I confiscated her for my own! She plays in the window and terrorizes Rusty in between naps.
Celia Bedelia

Silverton Parking Meter Yarn Bomb

Just a beginning here in this picture but the whole post is covered now!
Silverton's penny parking meters are the only ones left in the USA. Once these are broken there are no more parts and digital meters are being installed a little at a time. Boo Hoo. Hence, we are decorating them with Yarn Bombs!
Celia Bedelia

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yoyo action happening with Jori!

August 14,Saturday,placemat or runner..1 day from n00n to 4pm with Jori Halbirt our fave teacher for fun and games! Just a few scraps,or fat quarters, and a yoyo maker,needle and thread is all you need. Great project to take along with you 1 yoyo at a time.
See you there!
Celia Bedelia

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kathy Holt's done it again!

Kathy Holt,a knitter,spinner lady has made yet another fab shawl for the auction up at the Abbey in Mt. Angel.

She makes up a combo of lace patterns and combines them to make the perfect shawl.
she shows up at The Purl on Tuesdays off and on if you want to pick her lace brain.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Knitted or Crocheted Felted bag

June 6th,1x class from noon-4pm, til we're done! $10 plus materials,100% wool. Great for gift bags or storage put a recycled pickle jar in it for a vase! Novelty yarns add glamour and Fun with a capital F. If you want a fresh earthy look we can do that too. Make a million for Christmas presents,use up your scraps and bits.

See ya soon..........
Celia Bedelia

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Sweetie sun dress

Class for this corn ,soy,cotton or milk yarn dress with Sara Nathan is coming up. It is a pattern in the Awareknits book,which I sold the last book today. Will order some more for the class as you tell me you want one.

Saturdays starting May 29th, June 5th and 12th. If you can't make it one of those dates you can arrange with Sara to makeup a class but only before the 12th of JUNE. She's teaching rich Korean kids at Summer camp in California............those lucky dogs!

Celia Bedelia

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Linda Kirsch in Italy!

Linda Kirsch is sashaying around Europe for awhile so she's not at the every Wed. Free spinning time 1-3pm, here at The Purl District. Here's a picture of where the group she is leading is staying. They check out fiber farms, dyeing, and handspinning. Linda says no yarn shops except a little yarn in dress shops. Linda met Mrs. Lamborghini and is going to invite her to come and knit with us in Silverton at the Big Red table. Evidently Mr.L sold the car biz and bought a golf club and spa where the Mrs. hangs and knits. Mr. L.has since passed on.

Have fun and see you soon ,Linda

Celia, jealous in Silverton

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Class Crochet Along

Lisa J. is going to do a baby blanket crochet along to go with the neck down sweater she just made in Jeanne Baldwin's class. Anybody who crochets should come in on Saturdays in May and June and join us for an ez project. Lisa likes bright colors but you can do whatever you want. It has a heart in the center.

Come on keep knitting............
Celia Bedelia

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby boy born to family Stapleton.

Baby Brudder Bobble before and after pix. You ask before and after what? a train wreck? no Before is a non-knitter,after as a knitter! Don't know what to tell ya. My family is SPECIAL.

Mostly he designs and builds bikes and scooters out of re-cycled parts. His site is clown bikes,tall bikes,scooters out of crates,long skateboards,etc. He sells them and plans to teach a re-cycled upgraded bike workshop thru the Silverton Art Association this summer.

Theresa Kelley's hat in Magic yarn.......

We still have free patterns of this ridged hat. We don't however have anymore Magic Yarn. It's not around anymore nowhere no how. Well, if you shake down Rosa you might get one for a high price.

Celia Bedelia

Sock Monkey Class May 1st Saturday,Noon,$20.

WOW! How about you take the class then make them in all the sizes for your family and then take a picture for Christmas cards this year? We are making ours from SWTC Soy Silk in a mottled grey very cute. We have a sample in the shop.
Come on I dare ya.
Celia Bedelia

Earflap Hat with Mochi Plus

I know Gma Laurie I haven't put anything new up for awhile. Here's Lisa Jorgenson's latest project. She is writing the original pattern for all to buy at The Purl District. It is knit from Crystal Palace Mochi Plus worsted in what I call "Eugene" colorway. It's really called radiant rainbow. Very cool earflap hat.Lisa has fitted it to the face and forehead very well so it envelops your face. It has ridges at the top an I-cord from the crown with optional tassels or Pom Pom. Come in and check it out.
Celia Bedelia

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sheepsies in the field with Maggie!

Maggie is wearing Sylvia's fab Needlefelted,sheeps and field on a machine felted re=cycled sweater from her closet! Isn't she/that a cutie? We have what we call the National Needlefelting Union at The Purl District. We meet on the last Sunday of the month. It's this Sunday from 11am-1pm. There is no cost to play, unless you want to buy kits or tools or fiber or? Maggie made a 2hour hat for her first project in knitting. She is 9yrs old. If you want a 2hour hat pattern they are free with yarn purchase. We'll even get you started! OOps! almost forgot.....We'll be making felted Red Valentines too!

I know I'm terribly random in my writing. It's how I talk too.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

HI! It's Thursday the 28th of January. Here's a smashing pic of Jeanne's Wow Barbarella Boot Class actually designed by Kristin Nichols. We jus re-named it for our class! Kristin is a fan of color can you tell? Call us and sign-up for the class in Feb. 2,9,16th,tues eves,6-8pm $40. plus materials.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mistake Rib Scarf Contest

From Now until Feb. 7th we are having the Mistake Rib scarf Contest. Use our yarn at the Purl District and our FREE pattern bring it back and we'll judge them on Feb. 7th,Super Bowl Sunday for 3 prizes. We'll have 1st prize of $ card, 2nd prize of $10. gift card,3rd prize of $5. gift card.

There's a picture above of one I did with Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. It is reversible and lays flat.
An ideal scarf for all, great for a man's tailored looking scarf in the right boring boy colors! Well I'm on aroll now,blog entry a day program! Stop the madness............

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh No! Can you believe a new chapter on the blog!

Hello boys and girls.........

Here's a little something to chew on....We just got a sample in the mail from Deb Vaughan ,one of our new favorite customers! She knit us a sample from She used swtc pure soysilk. Well as you can see it turned out great!