Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi all, I know that many of you insisted before I left Silverton that I keep you updated on my time here in Amsterdam. Well, a couple weeks into the whole thing life has settled down enough that I have time to write a little something. I have many ideas for posts in my head, and hopefully with school and all, I'll be able to have time to write you some sweet nothings.

Many of my friends describe having an internal force screaming to them that they want children. While babies are cute and all, I really get this longing in my ovaries over houses. All I want to do is nest. The thoughts of picking out new bedding, painting walls and rearranging furniture fills my heart with joy. Thus, I was excited for my move to Amsterdam to have a whole new place to set up and decorate. However, when I got here I was greeted with a boxy room, an extremely restrictive rental contract (No tape on the walls!) and an extremely limited budget. This means other than borrowed items all I've bought are groceries, a candle and two plants. While my roommate and I contemplate ways to make our space less institutional, I've been escaping on to home decorating blogs (my favorite is Re-Nest the eco friendly site of Apartment Therapy).

Whilst browsing and escaping into beautifully decorated spaces online , I came across these chairs. I'm pretty sure the chairs are wet felted by the pictures, a technique that you'll have to ask Celia all about. No matter which method they were felted with, it just made my desire to needle felt all that much more. Sadly, when I moved I had to leave all my needle felting behind at the shop, and so far my search for new supplies has been fruitless. Now as some of you may know I've recently gotten into needle felting, perhaps I've even converted you to needle felting. There are so many wonderful things about needle felting it would be hard to extoll them all. My favorites are the speed and ease it takes to learn, the wide range of things you can do with it, and of course, the stress relieving quality of stabbing something over and over again. So I want to know what you've been working on, what inspiration has struck you in recent days? Have you picked up needle felting and fallen as in love with it as I have? Drop us a line, pop into the shop and tell us a story about what's happening in your fiber life. In the meantime I'm going to follow up on a rumor I heard about a yarn lady at the local farmer's market...
Lots of Love,