Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby boy born to family Stapleton.

Baby Brudder Bobble before and after pix. You ask before and after what? a train wreck? no Before is a non-knitter,after as a knitter! Don't know what to tell ya. My family is SPECIAL.

Mostly he designs and builds bikes and scooters out of re-cycled parts. His site is clown bikes,tall bikes,scooters out of crates,long skateboards,etc. He sells them and plans to teach a re-cycled upgraded bike workshop thru the Silverton Art Association this summer.

Theresa Kelley's hat in Magic yarn.......

We still have free patterns of this ridged hat. We don't however have anymore Magic Yarn. It's not around anymore nowhere no how. Well, if you shake down Rosa you might get one for a high price.

Celia Bedelia

Sock Monkey Class May 1st Saturday,Noon,$20.

WOW! How about you take the class then make them in all the sizes for your family and then take a picture for Christmas cards this year? We are making ours from SWTC Soy Silk in a mottled grey very cute. We have a sample in the shop.
Come on I dare ya.
Celia Bedelia

Earflap Hat with Mochi Plus

I know Gma Laurie I haven't put anything new up for awhile. Here's Lisa Jorgenson's latest project. She is writing the original pattern for all to buy at The Purl District. It is knit from Crystal Palace Mochi Plus worsted in what I call "Eugene" colorway. It's really called radiant rainbow. Very cool earflap hat.Lisa has fitted it to the face and forehead very well so it envelops your face. It has ridges at the top an I-cord from the crown with optional tassels or Pom Pom. Come in and check it out.
Celia Bedelia