Friday, August 22, 2008

Has She Hit the Wall?

It's been said that a marathon can be divided into two equal halves -- the first 20 miles and the last six. All marathoners know that there's a point -- different for each runner, every race -- where it seems that you can go on no longer. It could be in the 18th mile, maybe it doesn't happen till the 21st, but sooner or later you hit the wall.

In crochet, the wall is made out of yarn.

Celia's crocheting a hat marathon. She set herself a goal during the Olympics: 26 hats in 17 days. Here in the basket you see 20 hats. There is sworn testimony that there are two more hats at her house, and a couple of our mannequins are wearing some pretty warm headgear for August, so that brings us to 24 completed objects with only a couple of days left to go. It looks like she's going to make it, BUT it's possible that she's hit the wall. Those last two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash could be the equivalent of six miles of grueling road.

Check in next week to see if she won the gold...

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