Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby boy born to family Stapleton.

Baby Brudder Bobble before and after pix. You ask before and after what? a train wreck? no Before is a non-knitter,after as a knitter! Don't know what to tell ya. My family is SPECIAL.

Mostly he designs and builds bikes and scooters out of re-cycled parts. His site is clown bikes,tall bikes,scooters out of crates,long skateboards,etc. He sells them and plans to teach a re-cycled upgraded bike workshop thru the Silverton Art Association this summer.


Celia Stapleton said...

The re-cycled bike class is the week of June 21st,$100 /person or a parent child team. it's 9am to 4pm Monday thru Friday. You'll learn how to use parts to create a bike and a tall bike. Sign up at the Silverton Art Association or Fall Line bike shop in Silverton today.

Celia Stapleton said...

The bike workshop hours are changed to 1pm til 8pm so kids can work on their own for awhile and parents can join them after work. June 21st for a week,monday thru Friday. Bobbert plans for everyone to ride their bikes in the Homer parade in August for fun!
Sister Celia

Anonymous said...

Brush those eyebrows Uncle Bob!! Love the new teeth. Very shiny. ♥Binky