Friday, December 31, 2010

Amsterdam Zuiderkerk-5" of snow!

Remember Sara who was a volunteer at the Purl? She is in Amsterdam going to school for her Masters with her Boyfriend.They are coming home to USA, well right now, and will be in the shop in January. Check out your emails for exact time or look at the class schedule calender on The Purl site. Isn't this a beauty of a picture? Sara is busy with school mostly but is involved in a knitting group with a lot of famous knitters . Their names escape me right now! Evidently they are VERY serious about what they do. Well, you won't find that at The Purl. We're serious about knitting but not about ourselves. We do have fun! Stop in and unwind. Don't forget the Super Bowl Sunday Sale and Frolic. Toodles,Celia

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