Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jessica Waters in our Party top!

This is a photo of Jess in the Crystal Palace "Party ribbon" top that Jane Robbins designed. It is soft and naturally elastic,has a bit of shine. We loved it on especially. Jessica is one of our new knitters gone wild.She goes to the UofO ,first year. tomorrow am. We will be missing her at the table knitting 25 Christmas stockings and a passle of felted animals for her petting zoo! We have several 20 somethings that are crazy knitters and we LOVE them for all their good energy and great ideas.



Bri said...

I miss the shop!! Hopefully things are going well! Miss you guys! (I'll be in town this weekend...:) )

Celia Stapleton said...

things are going swimmingly for your Dad and you know who! Actually YKW is now a full blown diabetic and is looking towards the yarn rep job.Looking forward to seeing you.

edgreen said...

Dear Jessica,
This Donny from Fort Worth, TX. It has been some years since I have had contact with you (10 maybe). I hope you are well. If this is who I think it is you may contact me at

I would love to "catch up", and talk.