Tuesday, July 31, 2007

kathy's odds and ends Lace Shawl

Kathy Holt spins and knits lace like a fool! A lovely knitting fool who makes the most beautiful shawls out of her handspun you'll ever want to see. she loves color and wouldn't think to make a single color anything. her ahndspuns are usually multi-colored and Zowie powie in texture and colors. Come in on a Tuesday am and you'll find her knitting away happily. She visits on Friday a.m.s occasionally for our "Yak and Spin" time from 10-Noon. "Yak and Spin" is Free and open to anyone who spindle or wheel spins just to commune with other spinners. Kathy's shawl pictured above is in the shop on display. We have lots of lace weight yarns and will be getting more in for fall August thru Sept.


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