Friday, April 27, 2012

We've Got Our Beady Eyes On You!

 New Saturday Workshop Offered: 
Knit or Crochet your Mom a Beaded Bracelet for Mother's Day.
Saturday, May 5th 12-2pm.  $20.00 total cost (includes materials).  Pre-registration is required.

We've Got new Yarns in this week:
From HPKY comes a wonderfully soft and colorful Donegal Sock Yarn.

and From ICE Yarns we have an adorable assortment of Baby Flower Yarn.

Things to look forward to this month:  We have another very special guest artist scheduled for Pints and Purls (May 17th 6-8pm)  Samantha from Tessalit Fibers.

I absolutely love kettle-dyed yarns and their soft variations in hue. I've long coveted madelinetosh & Malabrigo; unfortunately for me, I work exclusively with plant fibers, and it's proven difficult to find yarns that meet my specifications.

I decided to learn how to dye, to see if I could emulate the effect on yarns I could knit with. Dyeing plant fibers is a bit more involved than dyeing animal fibers, and requires more chemicals. I wanted to find a way to marry my desire to be environmentally-sensitive with my passion for color. I read up on using natural pigments -- for example, bark shavings, leaves, flowers, seeds -- and dove in head-first. 

The result is some truly lovely yarn -- warm, vibrant tones and a bit of surprise with each batch.  -Samantha. 

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Tessalit said...

Thank you for the awesome shout-out! I'm looking forward to Pints and Purls :]