Friday, October 31, 2008


Since it's Halloween, (we thought we'd better tell you that, just in case you think this is the way we normally dress for casual Friday),
the Devil made us do it! We put every- 
thing in the store on sale at prices guaran-teed to scare the pants off Celia, but
put a great, big, jack-o-lantern grin on your face.

With the entire shop at 30% off today, your budget will definitely not need rescuing like a damsel-in-distress. And the savings have oozed over to the other side of the building, because the deep discount also applies at Snippets, next door. Rosa (aka, Miss December 1972, gone to seed) will be glad to ring up some Amy Butler fabric for you after you've made a big haul at the Purl.

Remember: Don't wait for your treats! If you come in tomorrow, you'll feel tricked, cuz we'll be closed over the weekend to move those 10 skeins of yarn that don't get sold today. But we'll be back open on Monday with more yarn and more fabric -- and a whole new look.

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