Friday, September 5, 2008

Road Trip!

Next week Bunny Gail and Celia Bedelia are loading up the truck to move to Beverly (well, maybe just to Portland). Why? It's time for the Knit & Crochet Show, sponsored by The Knitting Guild Association and The Crochet Guild of America, and The Purl District is gonna be there.

We've got a booth, yarn, and attitude. Starting Thursday night, September 11, from 7-9 PM and then all day Friday through Sunday, Gail, Celia, and our special guest star, Nita Porter, will be selling their little hearts out at the Portland Convention Center. And we want you to be there, too.

All of Gail's special angora yarn will be there -- hand-dyed and spun from Gail's own rabbits.

There will be lots of sock yarn, too, good for socks (yeah, duh), but also good for KnotSoPlainJane's hoodie sweater for kids. As the photo shows, self-striping is not just for feet.

The Purl District's very own brand of circular needles also get to make a trip up I-5. Made of bamboo, with smooth joins and ultra-flexible cables, these needles are just what your knitting bag has been missing. And at the crazy low price of $5 a pair, you can stock up and up and up...

And since it wouldn't be the Purl District without some sass, we saw Celia packing up pins, bags, and t-shirts with some smart-sass sayings (how's that for alliteration?) to take along for your consumer enjoyment.

We know that you are going to go to the show just to shop at our booth, but don't forget all the classes! The powers that be wanted us to tell you that while it's too late to sign up for classes online, you can still register for them when you get to the Convention Center.

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