Friday, July 18, 2008

O Spinner, where art thou? It's Friday morning and The Purl District awaits you...

Spin 'n' Yak sessions have been on hold, but people have asked us to start them up again, so here we go -- grab your wheel and a latté on Friday mornings and chill out with us.

Elizabee, here at the shop, has been spinning for the Tour de Fleece. While bicyclists worldwide have flocked to Europe for the Tour de France, spinners of a different sort have taken their wheels to the web for the Tour de Fleece to spin yarn out of their stash. Here's a photo of a merino/mohair blend that she's racing to finish. She keeps mumbling, "Too much twist. Too much twist." It must be her mantra or something.

Anyway, if you're in the Tour de Fleece -- or even if you're not -- there's no need to spin alone. And while you're down here, maybe you can give her some pointers, we think she's spinning out of control!

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