Friday, June 20, 2008

Ya Gotta Love a Sale

Okay, here's the thing: we can't get Jane to stop knitting, Celia would rather crochet than sleep, and there's only so many places we can hang this stuff. That's why we're having a sale on all those fabulous samples we've had on display to spark your imagination.

We've got sweaters, scarves, funky hats, hip little bags, darling tiny-girl dresses, and more -- all ready to go home with you.
Over the last year or so, we've knit and crocheted up a lot of things just to show you what can be done, and now we want room to show you what's next.

Come on in and see the whole rack of samples -- all at 50% off of the original price. Ooooh, what a deal! And hey, don't worry about cleaning us out -- we'll make more!


Anonymous said...

Love your new store and the blog.

Looks like you girls are stars again!


I have always been a crocheter but am slowly trying to learn to knit now that I have a granchild on the way as it gives me more flexibility!

Mary Irene

Celia Stapleton said...

Heh Anonymouse! It's really my cousin.. Thx for noticing and who exactly is preggers? that means I'll have a new cousin!