Friday, April 11, 2008

Update of the Big Ass Fiber Festival-10/09

OK, Guess what? this whole conference doing is a BIG job that we are still trying to accomplish . We are finding out that the expenses of such a gig are in the $30,000 plus range and none of us can back it on our own so No signing contracts without the $$upfront to back it.

We are going to have to establish a corporation most likely and seek backing from wholesale yarn companies. The Oregon Garden Hotel and Resort is working with us diligently to make everything affordable and deluxe at the same time. Silverton is a great spot with all its recreational ops and just the coolness factor is very high!

If anyone is skilled at evvents and has some ideas or would like to be on our team come on down.

toot toot,

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High Desert Diva said...

Yep. Big job.

This is why I don't really enjoy being an event planner.

Nicole Kay (aka Smiley/Dimples) does enjoy it however, and has her own event planning biz La Rosa Dolce. I highly recommend calling her (ummmm, but not today, 'cause today she's up at the hospital having a baby!)

see ya!