Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CrazyKnitty Women Mob us!

Whoa! We had a 50% off sale on Sooper Bowl Sunday,everybody scored. I can hardly see a dent ,however, in the inventory. What's up with that? So for the entire month of February we are continuing the sale fever with All Red,White, and Pink yarns 20% off. I am also contiuing the 50% off on select yarns mostly novelties that we've lived with long enough. Wouldn't you rather have some silk or new cotton from Egypt?
So come in and check out all the sale yarns, no dogs, I promise. These yarns are good just not the new hip thing! And you know I can't stand not to be hip and happenin'!

Oh~! Just because, the Chamber of Commerce voted our shops, Stone Buddha and The Purl District,and us,Renee and Celia the business of the year for 2007. We just got notice and written up in the media in the metropolis of Silverton!

We ROCK the Town.

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High Desert Diva said...

Both you and Renee, and both of your shops's about damn time the town acknowledge you!!!