Friday, January 29, 2010

Sheepsies in the field with Maggie!

Maggie is wearing Sylvia's fab Needlefelted,sheeps and field on a machine felted re=cycled sweater from her closet! Isn't she/that a cutie? We have what we call the National Needlefelting Union at The Purl District. We meet on the last Sunday of the month. It's this Sunday from 11am-1pm. There is no cost to play, unless you want to buy kits or tools or fiber or? Maggie made a 2hour hat for her first project in knitting. She is 9yrs old. If you want a 2hour hat pattern they are free with yarn purchase. We'll even get you started! OOps! almost forgot.....We'll be making felted Red Valentines too!

I know I'm terribly random in my writing. It's how I talk too.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

HI! It's Thursday the 28th of January. Here's a smashing pic of Jeanne's Wow Barbarella Boot Class actually designed by Kristin Nichols. We jus re-named it for our class! Kristin is a fan of color can you tell? Call us and sign-up for the class in Feb. 2,9,16th,tues eves,6-8pm $40. plus materials.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mistake Rib Scarf Contest

From Now until Feb. 7th we are having the Mistake Rib scarf Contest. Use our yarn at the Purl District and our FREE pattern bring it back and we'll judge them on Feb. 7th,Super Bowl Sunday for 3 prizes. We'll have 1st prize of $ card, 2nd prize of $10. gift card,3rd prize of $5. gift card.

There's a picture above of one I did with Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. It is reversible and lays flat.
An ideal scarf for all, great for a man's tailored looking scarf in the right boring boy colors! Well I'm on aroll now,blog entry a day program! Stop the madness............

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh No! Can you believe a new chapter on the blog!

Hello boys and girls.........

Here's a little something to chew on....We just got a sample in the mail from Deb Vaughan ,one of our new favorite customers! She knit us a sample from She used swtc pure soysilk. Well as you can see it turned out great!